Monday, 25 February 2013

Creating a Fabric Stamp - Continuation

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I've taken a few more photo's of the doily stamp/fabric stamp process.

Back of the block.
 Two holes for the handles have been drilled at the size of the screw from the front on the block.
The screw has been sunk into the back of the block.
 The screws were sunk into the back of the blocks so that when the rubber is mounted onto the underside, the screws will not get in the way of the stamp printing.
The right side of the block with screws showing proud.
  The handle is ready to screw into place once the stamp image has been transferred.

Here is the doily design on the tracing paper

 Start by designing your stamp so it is ready to trace and transfer onto your rubber.  Here I have used a doily design straight from a real crocheted doily.  I've taken the holes from the doily as the areas that I will cut away from the rubber.  

The rubber with the image already transferred
Here is the rubber with the image transferred, it is now ready to carve.

Ready to carve

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  1. Wow!! This is going to be incredible when you finish!! It alreday looks amazing :-D You must have so much patience.

    I can't wait to get my little birdy stamp :-)I'm now following your blog

    Emily xx


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