Friday, 15 February 2013


Adventure Land
Wow, this is it, I'm actually blogging.  Never thought I'd join in but here I am.  I think I'll start by saying I'm a mum of two gorgeous boys of Geroge 3 and Elliott 5.  I'm married to Simon Sherbourne, the love of my life :)  Bleeugh! lol....

I hand carve rubber stamps and love delving into the arts and crafts world when I get time to venture into it.  I'm hoping to start bloggin in the hope that I can keep a track record of what I get up to and what I can achieve.  With the blog hopefully kicking me up the arse as I go.   Hey! what's a little added pressure to an already insanely anxious mother of way to much to do already ;)  Am i nuts, erm... yeah a little... But I'm not quite totally bonkers...yet!

Look forward to decorating my blog, making it my own and adding pictures of what I make and do.  And hopefully get a few followers along the way interested in what I do.  Here's hoping! ;)

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