Monday, 18 March 2013

Creating a Fabric Stamp - Continuation 2

*****I have finished the doily stamp ***** and I'm really pleased with how it prints.  I had a few last minute adjustments to the oak block that the stamp was to be mounted too.  Nothing too difficult but handy to know.

The holes that the screws were put into were sunken holes.  This was to allow the screws to get through the thick block.
Once the handle was screwed on, it left behind big holes.  This meant that the print wouldn't come out properly where you pushed down over them.  So I cut some rubber to fit in the holes and 'voila!'

Then I stuck on the rubber with glass glue and did my first print.

This was the outcome of all those little carved bits!  :)  It took a long time but I am 'Pretty' pleased.
The great thing about this huge stamp is that I can use it for so many things.  I had a quick go at putting a few labels/brown tags together and stamping all 6 in one go.  It came out like little vintage doily lookalikes on the tags and it looked pretty cool.

But more than labels I could use it for wrapping paper, greetings cards and even a wall paper stamp.  It would look pretty ace on a piece of living room furniture and waxed on top.  Hmmm, might try that when I re-do /up-cycle my unit in the front room. The stamp itself is 15cm square.

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