Tuesday 30 April 2013

Wild Flower Stamps - Nearly ready for sale.

I'm just not sure where?  I think I'd like to sell them in a The Old Barn in Wadenhoe.  They sell tea and coffee amongst other delicious things.  It is a little garden centre too with a gift shop inside.  Or do I sell them in Etsy and finally set up shop with them.  I wish I could do both?  Maybe I could if I were quick off the mark with purchases, taking the bought item out of where I'm selling it?  Can it be done?  What do you do?

Here is what I have to sell to start with, some wild flowers.  I will be boxing them but need to buy some thin hay to line the boxes with.  I think I will stamp the picture of the flower on the outside of the box.  I will show you the finished article once I've decided.  I've been trying to work out the best presentation for my stamps as there's no where really to put a label.  This way I could glue a little pretty information leaflet on the back or something?

Here are the stamps for now that I have carved, ready for boxing.

Monday 29 April 2013

My First Stamp Carving Workshop - THANK YOU to ABIG sponsorship

The fantastic company ABIG have come through and surprised me yet again with their kindness and willingness to supply me with their outstanding workmanship.  Their blades are my favourite by far!  I cannot recommend their equipment highly enough.  My favourite blade being the No.1 for fine art work. So it look's like they are sending me 12 handles for teaching my new workshop on the 18th June at the Fuller House Craft Group and every fortnight after until I have got through their fantastically large group. 

I will be showing 12 students at a time how to create a very simple stamp that will have high impact on wrapping paper and tags.  They will take home with them a new skill learned, a hand carved rubber stamp that's been mounted professionally onto a piece of season treated oak. Also at the end, they will have their very own bespoke wrapping stationary for special birthdays coming up.