Tuesday 18 June 2013

My first workshop - It was a success :)

I was really pleased with how the workshop went today, what a great start :)  I had some very good feedback, everyone left with a new skill and had a good time.  I learned a lot too like maybe I should start even smaller as in what I teach.  I think using tools like blades may be a jump a little too quickly.  I think learning about the rubber and what it feels like under manipulation with different tools is more important than I thought.  Perhaps patterned stamps for backgrounds on cards would be good.

All set up and ready to start...

The ever ready salesperson with Ink for sale, ha ha...

Next time I think I will use tools that you could perhaps find around the house.  Then with these, show what patterns can be achieved. 

This could get addictive and I loved the social aspect of the workshop too. 

Everyone went home with some gift wrap and their very own stamp that was mounted on their own oak block.  I was told that I was very organised and I think it went well for that reason as everyone had achieved there goal by the time we finished the lesson plan.  Wooop!

Some beautiful seed heads, a great first carve image to try...


Happy balloon image for party bags...
And here is a few of the finished articles that people took home with them :) 

Beautiful butterfly, for first time carvers I was really impressed...

A beautiful portrait of two grand daughters :)  What a brave first attempt, but didn't she do very well.

A very pleased student, such a beautiful contemporary seed head with her own leaf design added for that touch of creative personality.

I love this flutterby, very good capture of the butterfly's flying by.

A veined flower, very contemporary feel to the everyday flower.  It made great packaging too.  She used sea blue and silver on her gift wrap.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Lou-Tonkin - Needle Felting Genius!

I am very excited to have been chosen to try out Lou-Tonkin's jacket.  I will be taking it for a test drive, washing, wearing it and finding out the staying power of her needle felted work within clothes.  She will be branching out with her fab needle felting work into a new line of clothes and I get to help by test driving her jacket :) 

So I will be sharing on my blog how I get on, I'll show photo's of the detail after washing and wearing.

I am very excited about a range of clothing from Lou-Tonkin and really looking forward to seeing the end results.  All of her work is gorgeous and if you haven't checked it out yet, I strongly advise you to go take a peek, you won't be disappointed...

Here is some more gorgeous work from Lou-Tonkin

BLOG: http://loutonkin.com/2013/06/11/drum-roll-please/

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lou-Tonkin-Art-Graft/118577118182463?ref=ts&fref=ts

Sunday 2 June 2013

Repeat Printing Stamps

I keep trying to promote my repeat printing stamps, as I think they're the best thing ever!  But I think I might be on my own on this one.  

Anyhoo... Here's a t-shirt I made for my wee man from a simple aztec print stamp that I carved.  I used a Versa Colour Ink to stamp with and then set it with an iron.  I will wash it in a cool wash first to see how it comes out. Versa ink do make a fabric ink pad so look out for that if you want first time success.  I read somewhere though that the usual versa colour lasts just as well with an iron set. 

I love it and so does my eldest son, he would like one too as does hubby...  Do they really or are they just being nice ;)

Here it is...

For George my youngest I measured 11cm down from each shoulder and ran the ruler in a straight line.  I then printed just below the line, joining up the repeat prints along the way. 

I heat set the ink with an iron on hot steam through a tea towel.

Ta Na!  What do you think, Aztec surfer! well nearly ;)

Here it is on show at the fair today along side the other repeat print stamps that I had for sale, again no sale!  Maybe I should let it go and go with all the stamps that do sell.  Oh go on, give it a go and link your blog to me ;)