Monday, 25 March 2013

Alice in Wonderland Submissions - for Handmade UK Sellers

Ooops, I totally forgot about this entry but luckily did a lot of looking around when I first took part, so I knew that I would like to make a couple of stamps for a party invitation but not sure what.

I really like the chequered background and thought about bringing it up to date with all the chevron patterns that are about lately.  I was so set on that idea until I saw it on Pinterest, on an Alice in Wonderland invite.  Honestly! you think you have come up with a unique idea but there are so many people around having the same 'light bulb' moments, it's hard not to loose interest.  But in the end I thought I'll stick with the original chequered theme and make it dark.  So I'm going for a warped chequered background (with a possible cheeky Cheshire cat grin to add on top of the checked background). 

The other difficult bit is I am only allowed two submissions.  So I'll have to make a set of picture stamps in a box of it's own for the invite plus the warped chequered background.

Ok I'm off to carve a warped back ground whilst I ponder about what else to put on the invite.  I do like the idea of just a carvery chair that you would see sitting next to the tea party table.  Maybe I might do that instead of lots of other stamps.  That way the invite maker could add whatever they'd like.  A tea pot, a drink me bottle etc...   I will also make the warped background duck egg blue to bring it into the now.  I think this would also take away from the darkness of the warped black background and make it a playful and fresh for all the picture stamps to go on top.

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