Monday, 18 February 2013

Amateur Upholstery at Mixed Bags Craft Group

Yesterday was spent with some gorgeous ladies from my craft group 'Mixed Bags' I think the name pretty much sums up what we're like! 

I brought pleanty of chaos to the group yesterday by turning up with my table hammer drill etc.  :/  ha ha...  I was really please with the outcome of my posh coffee table and the other productive parts of my day.  

I'll share briefly what I did with the table, mostly with descriptive pics so as not to bore the hell out of you...

Ta na!  One posh coffee table ready for a posh coffee tray, magazine's to take pics of at home.   I was really pleased with the outcome, just need to sew the folding corner seems.  When I'll get round to that?????

BUYS - Where I got all my stuff... skip if you don't want to know...

(I bought the material £9 and the table £10 from eBay,...  I asked hubby and my Dad to cut the legs off and cut the table back.  The sponge was from  Screws from B&Q, 13mm shank antique upholstery nails and gold ribbon tape from Dunhelm.)

The great thing about the gold thick corduroy material is that it has a plastic cote to the backing so if the kids spill anything, it's no biggy :)

(It's not quite the Ideal Home magazine picture of a posh coffee table, but it's perfect for our home :)

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