Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Camera Fail!

Doh!, So I went to take photo's of my doily stamp and my camera has a black piece of fluff in the lense, somewhere!  I can't find it...  I dusted it out but only made it worse, now there's about 5 white pieces of fluff instead of one, baaa...  So I'm now off to the camera shop to ask for help.  Very annoying.  I don't want to miss taking photo's of this stamp as I really want to use it in a book I'm making.  It's time lost on stamp making but time well spent I hope.  Hopefully I'll come back with good news.

Well bad news, I'm back and it's in for repair :(  I feel lost without it and depending on where the fluff culprit is it can be anywhere from £12 to £35...  And it won't come back until Friday, I'm bored already.  Well I better get on with some custom orders I suppose lol...   I did get my material through for my doily stamp project though and they're gorgeous, so can't wait even more to get my camera back as I really want to log all the steps.  This picture was taken with my phone, it's not come out too bad at all.

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