Friday 11 April 2014

Earth Friendly Cute Rabbit Pin Cushion

Printed scraps of material, now designer pieces to play with 

Earth Friendly?...  By that I mean we used our own homemade stuffing with stuff we'd normally throw in the bin.  We didn't pay someone to design and sell their own fabric have it shipped to shops for us to go and buy.  We made our own fabric design and printed it onto a scrap of material that we had at home.  

We used a very simple stamp design, by cutting a circle in half and reversing the circle to create this effect.  It was very simple to carve but so effective and pretty on the eye.  For the top scrap of material I re-created an image of a rabbit sketch by carving very carefully with Blade 1 from ABIG.

Here is a picture of the repeat-printing geometric stamp.

Using two fabric colours with Versa Craft Ink pads you just turn the stamp
each time you print.  You can really relax when you do this as the print is so effective a
5 year old would have so much fun with this.

I was really pleased to see the end result of the stamping.  Luckily with my stamps
they always stamp first time, so there is no wastage unlike LASER stamps Booo...  I would always
recommend handmade for material printing.
That's not to say laser printing has its own qualities too, which I can't wait
to share with you in a later blog.
To avoid waste the material was measured to fit the stamp.

The bunny print came out really well, I was very pleased.
You need to iron the ink to heat set it. 

Time to sew -- this is my Nan's sewing machine, which kinda ended up staying with me... for years! :)

I sewed the mini bobble trim first before I sewed the underside on;
this way I had the sewing line to follow on the outside.

Turn it outside in the right way. 

Now it's ready to stuff with tumble dryer fuzz!!!  Yep that's right, no cost on stuffing,
it doesn't blunt your needles like normal cotton stuffing and it's free.,
but it did take a long time to patiently wait for enough ;)
But it's well worth the wait for Free dense stuffing.
Finished Pin Cushion


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