Thursday 10 April 2014

Bunny Egg Heads :) Lots of fun at Easter time...

Check out these guys...  I've been busy with my boys making all of their cousins and friends gift bags and tags.  They had so much fun making these and using lots of colours to create lots of different Bunny Egg Heads.  I wish I'd have thought about their design sooner, in time for Easter sales.  Still there's next year...

There are 3 stamps to the set.  2 bunny ears and one egg with a fresh geometric design to them.  All sets are sold with an ink and 20 google eyes.  The stamps are also kept in their very own little bag to keep it safe from abrasions. 
My boys are pro's at stamping, they get the placement spot on
and press just the right amount.  George is 4 and Elliott is 6.

Next step was to glue the google eyes on, which they did superbly :)  

Elliott reaping the rewards of all his hard work and enjoying sampling the chocolate going into the bags :)

Tying the tag on the bag, I bought the tags from and the bags from Colemans a local craft shop to me. 

Look at all of those adorable little faces :)

Just incase you'd like to purchase a fab set?  I can get them to you in time to play in time for this Easter...  Sadly I'm not sure if this will be possible if you live outside the UK.  But we could give it our best shot!

Chevron design

Criss Cross design

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