Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My first workshop - It was a success :)

I was really pleased with how the workshop went today, what a great start :)  I had some very good feedback, everyone left with a new skill and had a good time.  I learned a lot too like maybe I should start even smaller as in what I teach.  I think using tools like blades may be a jump a little too quickly.  I think learning about the rubber and what it feels like under manipulation with different tools is more important than I thought.  Perhaps patterned stamps for backgrounds on cards would be good.

All set up and ready to start...

The ever ready salesperson with Ink for sale, ha ha...

Next time I think I will use tools that you could perhaps find around the house.  Then with these, show what patterns can be achieved. 

This could get addictive and I loved the social aspect of the workshop too. 

Everyone went home with some gift wrap and their very own stamp that was mounted on their own oak block.  I was told that I was very organised and I think it went well for that reason as everyone had achieved there goal by the time we finished the lesson plan.  Wooop!

Some beautiful seed heads, a great first carve image to try...


Happy balloon image for party bags...
And here is a few of the finished articles that people took home with them :) 

Beautiful butterfly, for first time carvers I was really impressed...

A beautiful portrait of two grand daughters :)  What a brave first attempt, but didn't she do very well.

A very pleased student, such a beautiful contemporary seed head with her own leaf design added for that touch of creative personality.

I love this flutterby, very good capture of the butterfly's flying by.

A veined flower, very contemporary feel to the everyday flower.  It made great packaging too.  She used sea blue and silver on her gift wrap.


  1. Wow! That looks like it was a really great day for everyone. All the creations are great, but I particularly like the portrait one - what a wonderful idea.
    Can't wait to have a go myself ;)

  2. Wow they did really well .Looked like they all ahd a fabulous time but then they did have a great tutor .TX

  3. Hello from the Highlands, I've just found your blog from your youtube video. All your handcarved stamps are absolutely beautiful. I wonder if you can share where you buy your carving rubber...it's so hard to buy in the UK. Thanks

  4. Hi Doda, I buy from Amazon x


I design my own stamps to sell and craft with, however if you have your own design that you would like turned into a stamp I can do that for you. I have many stamps done to order and there are portfolio's for you to view.

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