Monday, 20 May 2013

Busy Keeping Chickens - No rubber stamps here!

One of the best thing's I have done recently is get chickens, I love them.

Holly Left Peppa Right

Three weeks ago we got 2 chickens, one called Peppa and the other Holly.  What fun we have had watching them grow so much already.  They were 10 weeks old when we got them.  Who knew that a chicken would roll in the ground like a dog and come up for a stroke like a cat.  They take themselves to bed every night around 8.30 and try to roost on a perch if we don't get them to bed quick enough.  In fact one day Peppa actually told me off, she kept twirping up at me telling me to come in out of the dark and she got a little frantic that she wasn't tucked up, so cute!... yeah I know! a chicken? Cute? Lol!

when we first got them I have to admit I was a little scared that they may peck me to death or something silly, but no they weren't flappy or pecky at all.  In fact they're kinda cuddly! I just want to pick them up and give them a squeeze but I don't think they'd be having any of that.

We got a hutch from the Tip Shop and paid £7.80 as that's all we had in change, he he.  Took it home and gave it some improvements, a new run, new felt roof and a paint job oh and some posh picture framing trimmings around the top :)  It looks like a pretty posh tree housey chicken coup.  We're not quite finished yet, we'd like to build a run for when we're not there but that will all come with time.  Luckily we're not away for some time yet.

Here are some photo's of the coup/hutch renovation :)

The coup straight from my favourite shop 'the tip shop'
We under estimated how much work we'd like to do on the coup before it was ready, so the chucks stayed inside in their basket, putting them selves into bed each night, too cute!
My old craft fair signs turned into good use for the door to the top floor of their coup. Lovely presentation from hubs.
Simon attached legs to the bottom so we can one day incorporate them into the run but for now, to look nice and give extra support to the wall screws.
The Run, using a bit of left over banister and dowling from curtain pole left overs, painted to match the coup
The drop door, Simon's own handy design
Ta Na!  We are pretty please with how the coup turned out :) 
Their run which they're still getting used to.
The triming around the top was some picture rails that we had from our old house.  I don't throw anything away that I think we could use. It feels good to finally reap the rewards of being a clutter pants!...

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